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Get to know the driving rules, car registration, and insurance requirements in Norway. Learn about public transportation options and how to purchase tickets. Discover also domestic airlines and speedboat transportation.

Driving and Transportation In Norway, traffic rules are governed by the "Regulations on Driving and Pedestrian Traffic," also known as traffic rules. These rules apply to those driving, walking, or cycling on the roads. Driving without a valid driver's license is illegal.


To drive in Norway, one must have a driver's license. You can use a driver's license from any country in Norway for up to three months, as long as the license is valid and meets the age requirements. In Norway, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen) is responsible for issuing driver's licenses.

In some cases, you may be required to have an International Driver's Permit in addition to your regular driver's license, for example:

  • If your driver's license is without a photo

  • Is not written in the Latin alphabet, but only in, for example, Arabic, Cyrillic, or Japanese

  • The classes on your driver's license do not follow the international classes under the Geneva or Vienna Conventions

Car registration and EU-approval

In Norway it is required to have an EU-approved car. If your vehicle is not approved within the deadline, you are driving illegally, and the vehicle may be deregistered. The car must be reapproved every other year.

When buying used cars, you must pay a re-registration fee of up to approximately 6900 Norwegian kroner for passenger cars. The re-registration fee must be paid to the government when a car or an other vehicle is registered under a new owner in the motor vehicle registry.

Traffic Insurance

It is essential to have valid insurance for your vehicle in Norway. It is mandatory to have liability insurance, but it is also recommended to have comprehensive insurance to cover damages to your own vehicle. Newcomers should be aware that your foreign insurance might not be valid in Norway, and you may need to take out a Norwegian insurance policy. It is also worth comparing prices and terms from various insurance companies before choosing a policy.

What to do in Case of a Traffic Accident?

Everyone involved in or witnessing a traffic accident is obligated to stop and assist injured individuals and animals.

Public transportation

Public transportation in Northern Norway primarily consists of buses, ferries, and speedboats. The bus service is largely provided by Troms and Finnmark County Council (fylkeskommune). The county council has a dedicated journey planner to find departures.

Tickets for buses, ferries, and express boats can be purchased through the Tromsbillett app, SMS, ticket machines, or with cash on board the vehicles. Please be aware that purchasing a ticket on board is more expensive.


Taxis can be booked by phone, website, or app. In Tromsø-region, the following taxi companies are available. Some of them offer apps for your smartphone. In addition, you have the option to use the Uber application.


In Norway, several domestic airlines operate, such as SAS and Norwegian. Widerøe mainly serves large areas in Troms and Finnmark County on the short-haul network. Troms and Finnmark have 9 short-haul airports and 5 main airports with scheduled operations. The airport in Tromsø, located on Tromsøya, is Northern Norway's largest airport with several regional, national, and international daily departures.

The airport in Målselv Municipality is located in Bardufoss.

To find flights, you can visit the websites of the airlines or use search engines that help you compare offers and find the best travel options for your needs.


In Tromsø, speedboats are available as a fast means of transportation to other coastal areas.

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