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Migration and registration

Information about relevant laws and regulations that foreign newcomers should be aware of before moving.

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and a bit challenging, but having an understanding of what needs to be done before and after the move will make the transition easier. On this page, you will find information about relevant laws and regulations that foreign newcomers should be aware of before moving to the Tromsø Region.

How do I report my move to Norway?

In Norway, we have a national population register that contains key information about all individuals who have been or are residing in Norway. Foreign citizens are required to report their move to Norway to the tax authorities. The reporting process differs depending on whether you plan to reside for more than six months or less than six months.

What do I need to know about Birth number and D-number?

All individuals intending to reside in Norway must have either a Birth Number or a D-number, depending on the duration of their stay.

The Birth Number is a unique 11-digit identification number assigned to anyone born or granted residence in Norway. It serves as a form of personal identification in various contexts, such as bank transactions, tax reporting, and accessing public services. The Birth Number is based on a person's date of birth and remains constant and indefinitely valid.The Personal Number consists of the last five digits of the Birth Number. The three digits representing the individual number are sequentially assigned within each birthdate.

A D-number is a temporary identification code assigned to individuals applying for residence permits in Norway who have not yet received a permanent identification number. It is used by various public agencies in Norway to identify and register a person while their residence permit application is being processed.

How do I open a bank account?

All individuals receiving income in Norway must have a bank account to receive salaries and pay taxes. It is possible to obtain a bank account without a work contract.

Opening a bank account in Norway requires some patience as banks require you to have an identification number, and the process of obtaining one may take several months. In Norway, there are two types of identification numbers - D-number and national identification number. An identification number enables you to open a bank account and also obtain a general practitioner, rent a place to live, pay taxes, and vote in elections. Once you have obtained an identification number, you can open a bank account by using it together with your passport.

How do I get an identification number?

The tax authorities in Norway manage the distribution of identification numbers. The type of identification number you receive depends on the type of residence permit you have and how long you plan to reside in Norway.

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