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Learn about your rights to a doctor, emergency numbers, dental health, and insurance.

Right to a doctor

Everyone residing in Norway and registered in the National Population Register is entitled to a regular general practitioner or family doctor, but individuals with a D-number are not entitled to a fixed doctor, contact nearest emergency clinic.

Emergency Numbers

We have four emergency numbers to call: 110 for fire, 112 for police, 113 for medical help, and 1412 for the hearing impaired. The emergency services can coordinate with each other and forward calls as needed.

Emergency Clinic

For individuals who do not have the right to a regular doctor, they must contact the emergency clinic

The emergency medical service has been assigned a national number. If you need urgent medical help, call 116 117 for medical assistance. When you call this number, you will be connected to the nearest emergency medical service based on your location.

Dental Health

Children have the right to free public dental treatment in Norway. Adults have to pay, but there are several exceptions.


Norway's public health care system covers both general and specialist health services.

Norway has a public insurance called the National Insurance (Folketrygd), which all employees who pay taxes to Norway contribute to finance. Public health services in Norway are mainly free, but you pay a deductible (up to the earned deductible). If someone falls ill, is injured, or dies, the welfare state will take care of them.

All individuals residing in Norway are mainly members of the National Insurance. To be considered as a resident, your stay in Norway must last, or be intended to last, for at least 12 months. It is a prerequisite for membership that you have a legal residence in Norway.

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