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Kindergarten and preschool

Information about kindergarten and preschool facilities. It covers topics such as the application process, eligibility criteria, outdoor activities, and the educational approach in Norwegian kindergartens.

General information regarding norwegian kindergartens

  • There is one overall portal for applying for a kindergarten spot.

  • Those with BankID can apply for a kindergarten spot electronically.

    Those without BankID can contact the municipality's service center for further guidance on applying for a kindergarten spot.

  • In Norway, it is common for children to nap outside in prams, although this practice may vary from one kindergarten to another.

  • Children spend time outdoors in all kinds of weather, both for play and meals.

  • Feel free to call the kindergarten directly if you have questions about these considerations.

  • You can check the website to see which kindergartens have availability.

  • All children must haveat least four weeks of vacation.

  • A useful tip is to bring extra rain or winter clothes to the kindergarden, since the days often consists of a lot of outdoor activities.

  • In Norwegian kindergartens, learning is primarily focused through play.

  • If a child does not secure a kindergarten spot and stays at home, they can attend an open kindergarten. This means that parents bring their children and participate together with them. It's a great opportunity for both parents and children to socialize and interact with others.


  • You can apply for a spot in both public and private kindergartens.

  • Children who turn one year old by the end of November in the year they are applying, and who do not have a kindergarten spot, are entitled to a kindergarten placement.

  • The application deadline is March 1st, and the desired start date must be no later than November 30th of the same year. If you are changing kindergartens, the application deadline is February 1st.

  • The enrollement to kindergartens is 1st of august every year. Children can´t start before that.

If you are a student there are separate alternatives for you regarding available spots. However you still have to apply in the same portal as shown in the link above.


Children who turn 1 year old by the end of November in the year of applying for a kindergarten spot are, upon application, entitled to a placement in the kindergarten in Karlsøy municipality. The child must have turned one year old before the start date. Starting from the fall of 2023, kindergarten in Karlsøy municipality is free of charge.

In Karlsøy Municipality, there is one main admission to kindergartens each year. The deadline to apply for a kindergarten spot is March 1st every year. After the main admission, there is ongoing admission of children in the kindergartens with available capacity.

Application for a kindergarten spot must be done electronically through the municipality's parent portal for kindergarten/after-school care admissions.


The application deadline for the main admission is March 1st (applies to spots from August of the same year). As long as we have available spaces, we also admit new children throughout the year.

The right to a kindergarten placement applies in the municipality where the child resides. This right applies to children who do not have a spot already and who apply before the deadline.

If there are no available spots in the kindergarten you desire, you may be offered a spot in another kindergarten.

Children without a kindergarten placement who turn one year old between January and July have the right to a spot in August of the year they turn one.

Children without a kindergarten placement who turn one year old in August, September, October, or November have a legally established right to a kindergarten spot in the month they turn one.

Children without a kindergarten placement who turn one year old in December have the right to a kindergarten spot in the upcoming August after they turn one.

Older children without a kindergarten placement have the right to a spot in August.


In Storfjord municipality, there are two public and one private kindergarten. The kindergartens aim to provide children aged 0-6 with a nurturing and learning environment in accordance with the preschool curriculum.

Storfjord municipality emphasizes early intervention and the best interests of the child as overarching principles. The kindergartens are concluding a two-year participation in the initiative 'Kompetanseløftet for spesialpedagogikk og inkluderende praksis' (Competence Boost for Special Education and Inclusive Practices) in the spring of 2023. In the fall of 2023, a new development initiative within the regional program for competence development in kindergartens will be launched. This effort is a collaboration with the University of Tromsø and aims to assist kindergartens in evolving their pedagogical practices related to life skills, nutrition, and health.

Starting from August 1st, 2023, kindergarten is free of charge for all children aged 1-5 in Storfjord.


Kindergarten is free in all of the mincipalities except Tromsø. Here the max price per month is 3000 NOK. Some kindergartens may request additional money for food they serve. For more information regarding this, click the link below.

Families with low income can now apply for reduced parental fees in kindergarten and after-school care (SFO). Apply before June 1st to have the reduction reflected on the invoice starting from August.

No household should pay more than six percent of their total income for an SFO or kindergarten spot.

Families with a total income below 615,590 Norwegian Kroner are entitled to 20 hours of free childcare per week in kindergarten for children born in 2021 or earlier.

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